Thursday, 21 February 2013

Reasons to Take Ben Kersen's Professional Dog Trainers Course!

There are many reasons to consider taking Ben Kersen’s Professional Dog Trainers course!
By Breeanne Roberts

First of all, it’s offered by the only accredited school in Canada, which is huge, and gives you bragging rights!

I’ll mention some reasons I would recommend this course, and go into a bit of detail concerning each point in the following paragraphs.

Multiple locations/venues: This allows for exposure to different environments and keeps things fresh and exciting. It also allows you to see more of what beautiful Victoria has to offer, and exposes the dogs to different environments while keeping things exciting.

High distraction areas: The locations that the training takes place in are high traffic zones where many people and animals pass through every day. This allows your dog and the dogs you will be working with to be exposed to many different stimuli, such as horses, other dogs and people, squirrels, deer, rabbits, etc. This gives you the opportunity to increase the dog’s focus on you by learning how to gain the dog’s attention quickly and positively in these situations.

Fun Fridays: Every Friday, nearing the end of the course, you will be going to different locations that you had not previously visited. This strengthens the distraction work you will be working on, and gives the dogs even more experience in new environments. It usually includes a hiking and allows some beautiful sight-seeing.

Different instructors with different backgrounds and the same training techniques: different points of view and ways of explaining things, with the same consistent technique across all of the trainers. Each brings a different perspective and flair or style to their training while retaining the same concept and method that Ben Kersen himself uses.

More reasons to come...

If you have any questions about being a student in the course feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have!

Happy training!

Breeanne Roberts (Fall 2012 Graduate)
Doggy-Do-Good Training

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